Love Letters

According to The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, there are now more than 41,000 endangered species throughout the world; 7000 of them, critically so. In determining which species to include in this series, I returned to the project’s inception regarding the recent alterations to the United States Endangered Species Act. Most problematically, this well-established law now requires the economic impact of protecting any species to be factored into the confirmation of its status.
         Seven of my fourteen selected species range within the United States and its immediate surroundings. Additional selections are then spread out across the globe. All groups: mammals, birds, fish, insects, plants and trees, are included. The conservation status of each one is either Critically Endangered or Extinct in the Wild.

A picture of the map of the world.

          Images of the fourteen Love Letters can be accessed by clicking a species name on this page. Each page includes the original embroidered linen panel with its handwritten ode, juxtaposed with its disintegrated version. Each page includes the conservation status, scientific name and geographical range of the pictured species. More detailed information on species can be located in the Sources.  

          After viewing any one selection, you can use the Back button at the bottom of the page to return to this introductory page, and then click on any other species name you wish to see. Alternatively, use the Next button to move from one species to the next. The 14-page sequence begins with Franklin's Bumblebee and ends with the Mexican Grey Wolf.